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40+ years


Thank you for supporting small business in The Flathead Valley!


This store is family-run and locally-owned business and has been for nearly 45 years. Since 1975, the Byrd family has been supplying locals and visitors to the area with a great selection of liquor and wine for their special celebrations and outdoor adventures.


Chris and Maureen Byrd owned and operated the small Hungry Horse liquor store and subsequently the Kalispell store on 3rd Avenue East. Remember the one that had a drive-thru window? That sure was a different time!


The east-side store was relocated to the current location on Highway 93 in 2006 which baosted a larger space, open aisles, and more natural light.  Along with the relocation, a change of ownership also occurred as the Byrds passed the torch to their youngest son, Brenden, and his wife, Megan, as the new owners of Montana Liquor & Wine. While Maureen still likes to stop and in and check on the store, Brenden runs the day-to-day operations in the same friendly manner his parents have done for 44 years. 

We sure appreciate your business and we hope you'll continue shopping with us! 


Our people are amazing. We hope you think so too. Let them know what your taste buds like for a new suggestion, or ask them where to find your old stand-by. We are here to help!


Growing up in the spirit industry I have a great appreciation and (always-expanding) fascination with the flavors available in the liquor world. I enjoy them all!  Imbibing with a a glass of whiskey, wine, or local microbrew is where it's at. When I'm not at work, I soak up the time with my wife, Megan, and our two wonderful daughters exploring Montana's countless natural treasures.

  • Drink of choice: Old Fashioned

  • Favorite Wine: Red Blends

  • When I’m sick:  PaPa’s Elixir  (if you want the recipe, you better stop in and ask) 

  • Brenden says: The best drink is always tastes better with good company.



Montana Liquor & Wine has been a second home for me for more than a decade. When I'm not working, I'm probably doing something silly with my husband and two boys. We enjoy splashing around the water in the summer and snow skiing in the winter. Traveling is one of my other favorite hobbies. 

  • Drink of choice: Paloma

  • Favorite Wine: Anything labeled white

  • When I'm sick:  Brandy and tea (maybe with a bit more brandy)

  • Heidi says: When things are getting serious, it's time to product test! 



More about Shanna coming soon...

  • Drink of choice: Wine, wine and wine

  • Favorite Wine: The liquid kind

  • When I’m sick:  You guessed it. Wine. 

  • Shanna says: Is there more wine? 



I’ve been working in the liquor industry for the past twenty years and really enjoy dealing with the public and all the great stories they have to tell. Come on in and share a good story with me!  

  • Drink of choice: Any good whiskey on the rocks 

  • Favorite Wine: I'll kindly pass, thank you

  • When I’m sick:  I don't get sick. 

  • Alan says: You can't buy hapiness, but you can buy whiskey. That's pretty close!  



I love to try new things and new flavors.  When I'm not at work, I'm probably traveling (and drinking).  The last twenty years I've been serving, making, or selling drinks. Great to meet you!  

  • Drink of choice: Wine first, but I like to try it all

  • Favorite Wine: The kind in my glass

  • When I’m sick:  Hot toddy with green tea

  • Lara says: Shanna, is there more wine open? 



More about Courtney coming soon...

  • Drink of choice: Blue dolphin on the rocks

  • Favorite Wine: Pass

  • When I’m sick:  Blue Dolphin with some honey

  • Courtney says: Not too much. She keeps to herself mostly. 


hours: 10am - 7pm  (closed sunday)

(406) 752-3000  ·  2210 B Hwy 93 S, Kalispell, MT 59901